The neo-renaissance mansion in Mikuszewo was built in the third quarter of the 19th century as the property of the prince of Sachen-Meiningen. Due to its location, it has a turbulent Polish-German history and it often changed owners. Currently, the property is unfenced and opened up for passers-by. The surrounding park invites cyclists and strolling villagers to take a rest on the bench at the entrance. There’s also a pond next to the mansion where you can occasionally spot fishing anglers.

The modern history of Mikuszewo dates back to the second half of the 1990s. It was when a plan emerged to create a place in Wielkopolska mirroring the German Youth Meeting Centers. It was supposed to specialize in non-formal education. To make that deam come trilateral cooperation was established between the Miłosław Municipality, the Mikuszewo Independent Initiatives Association, and the German Förderverein Internationale Jugendbegegnungsstätte Mikuszewo Association. Since 1997, the mansion has been functioning as the International Youth Meeting Center, hosting young people not only from Poland or Germany but also some other countries.

The interior of the mansion is renovated and adapted to the reception of big groups of students. There are 50 beds available located mostly in twin or triple rooms. Accommodation in a single room is also an option.

The guest rooms together with bathrooms are located on the first floor and the roof floor. On the ground floor, there are seminar rooms, the kitchen, and the dining room. There’s also a conference room and some more seminar rooms available on the first floor. You can spend your free time in a comfy common room equipped both with a pool table and a tennis table.

The morning and evening meals are self-made in a well-equipped kitchen. Lunches are served in a tavern located just by the entrance to the mansion property. Ordering the full catering or hiring a cook is also an option.