Is knowledge of German/Polish required?

Knowledge of any foreign language is not required. Everything is translated simultaneously by linguistic mediators. Thus, everybody can take part in the meeting regardless of the foreign language level they present.

Is the meeting a language camp?

The student exchange is most of all a meeting of young people and an opportunity to make new friends. Despite the introduction of some words and phrases by language animation, learning a language itself is not a priority.

My kid has never fixed a meal. Will they handle things in the kitchen?

We are sure they will do just fine. Students prepare meals under supervision of qualified and experienced staff. Being supported each step of the way, they usually do even better than some adults.

My kid is not of Polish/German nationality but we live in Poland/Germany. Can they take part in the meeting?

Of course they can. The place of origin doesn’t matter. To take part in the exchange you have to live in Poland/Germany.

What to take for the exchange?

The meetings in Mikuszewo are organized in the spring and summer season. Consider taking:

  • a water bottle or a bidon
  • suncream
  • a cap or any other head cover protecting against the sun
  • insect spray
  • trekking boots or waterproof sneakers and a raincoat or an umbrella in case of rain